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BrandPush Review in detail. Advantages, disadvantages along with pricing. How it lets you get published on more than 200 news sites.

Review of BrandPush by TechKnowX

Our Verdict




BrandPush is a deal that will turn a profit. I’m referring to $0.8 for a link. How inexpensive can I anticipate it to be?


The service of BrandPush lets you get published on the network’s more than 200 prestigious news sites, which collectively attract 100 million people monthly, for a significant increase in visibility and search rankings for your brand.

What is it? Can it actually help you publish on USA Today, Fox, MarketWatch, and other major outlets? If so, what does it cost? What more rules are there?

You will get answers to all of these questions in this BrandPush Review here. Let’s get started.

What is BrandPush?

BrandPush like the name implies helps in brand promotion and gives your brand the exposure it deserves by publishing your articles/PR on over 200 news sites.


BrandPush’s staff of talented writers will create the ideal news story to spark interest in your Brand or Company. The story is then published by BrandPush on more than 200 news sites, which increases your exposure and may potentially result in sales as well.

The keyword here in this BrandPush Review is “news sites.” Because these aren’t typical blogs or websites, that is. These are instead some of the most significant websites in the world, with their own brand value in addition to SEO advantages.

In simple words when you publish an article about your brand/company with BrandPush, You would receive a minimum of 200 high-quality backlinks with each order, and this was “guaranteed”. Users often receive coverage on over 350 sites with each buy!

Is BrandPush Truly Necessary?

These are a few reasons we feel may actually help nearly every business/brand out there if you publish your articles/PR with BrandPush:

  • Direct Traffic: At least a few hundred thousand visitors will read each PR. Some people may click the links and go straight to your website or landing page.
  • Brand Awareness: Millions of impressions on top news sites and direct traffic will result in great brand awareness among people. 
  • Backlinks: With each BrandPush order, you will get over 200 links. Links from high-quality and very established websites will help your website to improve its authority and ranking on Google.
  • Trust &r Credibility: Imagine having a “We’re covered by” label on your website that features the logos of media behemoths like Fox, NBC, The Daily Herald, and others. This significantly increases visitor trust and your credibility, which leads to increased conversion rates.
  • Better Deals & Sponsorship: Trust and credibility result in better deals and sponsorships from businesses.

Which News Sites BrandPush covered?

As we mentioned earlier BrandPush is published on over 200 news sites and some additional websites as well. 

Popular Network

Of course, we are not gonna bored you with the list of all 200 news sites but here are some of the most outstanding ones which BrandPush covered: 

  • Market Watch
  • Benzinga
  • Digital Journal
  • AZCentral
  • Daily Herald
  • Fox News
  • USA Today
  • Google News

Most of these sites’ publication is “guaranteed” by BrandPush. Therefore, you largely aren’t reliant on “Luck” or “Approval.”

Do These Sites Provide Coverage of Your Article/PR on The Homepage or Main Site?

Most of the time, the answer is YES.

You are featured on the primary website for websites like Digital Journal, Market Watch, Daily Herald, and so on.

You may, however, occasionally have your work published on regional affiliates or sister websites. This mainly applies to Fox or USA Today.

This is normal and to be expected. These are some of the most recognizable names in the global news industry. No matter how much money you could offer them, they wouldn’t accept random posts.

If so, are these affiliate websites worthwhile? Well, Fox 40, a Fox Network affiliate, receives at least 200K monthly hits and has a DA (Domain Authority) of 76. In similar lines, NBC affiliate WRDE receives close to 120K hits and has a 64 DA.

Therefore, certainly, even these affiliated websites have a lot of SEO juice or even direct exposure to provide to your brand.

Transparency in Data

Even before you Sign Up for BrandPush they are giving you a very detailed insight about the ‘Traffic’ and ‘Domain Authority every website they are offering in their network.

Each site’s information is displayed individually on BrandPush. This enables you to anticipate what you will receive.

Transparent Data & Reports

Reporting the performance of the article/PR you paid for is extremely important. Therefore, even before you Sign Up or send anything to the sites, BrandPush provides a highly deep insight into their traffic and DA.

BrandPush displays the specifics for each site separately, as the screenshot demonstrates. This makes it easier for you to anticipate what you’ll receive.

After that, there are reports! A typical report is shown here as an example:

Sample Report

It offers live connections to every article that has been posted on your behalf. Then, for each site, the Alexa rank, Moz rank, Domain authority, social media influence, and monthly traffic are shown.

What Kind of Articles/PR Does BrandPush Accept?

It’s obvious that BrandPush can’t publish all kinds of articles or PR pieces you write on their network sites as most of them are news sites and people trust them. So, these websites are quite picky about the kind of content that is published on them.

To resolve this issue BrandPush provides two networks (site bundles). About 200 websites are included in the “Popular Network” package. It does, however, have websites that are stronger, more reliable, and consequently tighter.250+ sites are included in the “Alternative News Network” bundle. There are some significant locations from the “Popular” that are not present in this one. But as a result, it is less rigid and more open to a variety of content.

Alternative Network

For example, The following article types cannot be published on the Popular bundle:

  • Alcohol
  • Dating
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Politics
  • Legal drugs
  • Supplements
  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Gambling
  • Underwear/Swimwear
  • a few additional exceptions as well.

However, the “Alternative News Network” bundle accepts all of these article categories.

Of course, there are some restrictions on the Alternative package as well. In other words, BrandPush cannot post the following article types anywhere:

  • Negative Press Coverage ( insulting someone/something/defaming)
  • Weapons
  • Adult content

Who Will Write The Article?

Who then authors the articles that are published?

If you wish to, BrandPush allows you to upload your own articles. But, by using their more expensive plan, they can also write the articles for you.

Regardless of your writing abilities, it is preferable to simply let them write. This is because what you’re posting is mostly a press release rather than merely an “article.” The BrandPush has a team of writers who are experts in this field and they will help you to communicate well whatever you are trying to achieve through your brand.

As a result, the PR is required to follow a few tight guidelines. If you’ve never done it before, it could be difficult to understand the format and produce a “good” piece.

However, the BrandPush does offer a PR template that is totally free. You can download and edit it as an MS Word document. Most regulations are already met by it. To fit your brand/promotion, you only need to edit the text and the photos.

Media Rules

What’s the entire point of using BrandPush? Getting some exposure and a backlink, is that right?

What sort of link do you receive then? How many links are there? What number of photos are permitted? You are a new player if you aren’t asking these queries. Here are the solutions in both scenarios.

Most of BrandPush’s links are “no follow” links. Hey, that’s to be expected. As Fox network or USA Today not gonna do so easily.

But, on the brighter side, a no-follow link is still a “link”. Therefore, if your press release is well-written, you’ll still get a lot of manual clicks, which translates to direct traffic to your website, wouldn’t you?

How Many Links You Can Insert in an Article?

“You can add three links to each article using BrandPush.”

On the “Popular” network, 6 photos are permitted for each article. On the “Alternative” network, you can only insert one image or article. You could even add videos!

The 350 to 800 word limit for articles accepted by the Popular network. In opposition to this, the Alternative network will accept articles up to 1,000 words long.

5-day delivery and 24-month retention

Don’t we all appreciate prompt deliveries? BrandPush needs between 5 or 7 days to deliver each order, though. The timeline is based on the following variables:

  • Your pricing plan with BrandPush
  • The number of revisions your article needs

In around 48 hours, BrandPush completes the drafting of your post.

How long will your post be live is another time-related query. Keep in mind that it’s not forever.

Your article’s maximum live time is three months. On most websites, its lifespan will be no longer than 24 months.

200 Websites, Otherwise a Full Refund

It’s hard to see any PR companies offering a 100% refund or a guarantee. BrandPush offers both!

You will be published on at least 200 websites or receive a full refund.

After that, there will be a 50% refund for the writing period. In other words, you’ll get a 50% refund if you decide to change your mind while your articles are still being written and reviewed but haven’t yet been published.

You also receive the written content and full usage rights to it in addition to the 50%!

Free Reports with White Labels

Say you work as a freelancer or an agency. Maybe you already have a clientele? Well, you can use a white label report from BrandPush to market these services!

To put it another way, BrandPush includes free white labeled reports with every order. No additional payments are required.

To put it another way, BrandPush will remain a secret to your clientele. There is no reference to BrandPush in these reports, no logo, and no text.

These reports are available in a web form, a spreadsheet version, and a plaintext version.

Even bulk orders are eligible for discounts, in fact. Isn’t that useful if you work for a marketing company or an agency?

BrandPush Pricing Plans

There are 3 plans you can go with:

Starter Pack$195 – 200 guaranteed publications, 5-day delivery with “As Seen On” website Trust Badge, you have to upload your own article.
Plus Pack$229 – 200 guaranteed publications, 7-day delivery, 350-word article included 2 revisions.
Pro Pack$259 – Everything in the “Plus” plan but with a 500-word article and unlimited revisions.

This is incredibly inexpensive, to put it mildly. Let us clarify to make this BrandPush Review more easy.

Even with the most expensive plan, you only pay $259 for a minimum of 200 links. In actuality, you’ll likely receive more than 300 articles. It comes out to only $0.80 for each article or link. And this is the most expensive plan!


How many sites BrandPush covered?

BrandPush guarantees to publish on 200 sites.

Does BrandPush provide White Label Reports?


How Many Links you can insert in an article using BrandPush?

3 (Three)

Is BrandPush provide article writing services?

Yes, it does.

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Conclusion : BrandPush Review

We will end this BrandPush Review evaluation now. I’ll now share my personal opinion. If I had to speak only in terms of the figures, I would say that BrandPush is a deal that will turn a profit. I’m referring to $0.8 for a link. How inexpensive can I anticipate it to be?

After that, the complete process takes you no more than a few minutes. Your name, email address, and website or social network URL are all that are required! Done.

The 200-link guarantee, a 100% money-back promise, and a 50% refund for mid-purchase changes of heart are also included. Don’t these all constitute good warning signs?

Therefore, we believe it is appropriate to wrap up our evaluation of BrandPush Review on a very favorable note.

Please share your views about this BrandPush Review in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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